Trusting the unpaved paths 02/05/23

Everyone has them. Those times in life where you're presented with multiple paths or roads, and one of them always seems to be a little less "paved" than the other. What do you do? It's our natural, human instinct to gravitate toward the path that's more defined, more precise, more certain, right? It's a comfort thing, a security thing for most of us. Are we willing to put ourselves, our level of happiness, or our current success at risk by deciding to take that other path, the one less traveled? So we consider both but often struggle to make that final decision. The clearer path may stand out, but what happens when we don't take it? Deciding to take that leap of faith, that step in the direction where the ending is unclear - it's how we truly grow. It's when and where the magic can really happen - the magic we're often always searching to find and feel.

Whether it be going back to school, moving, starting or ending a relationship with someone, or changing careers, there seems to always be at least two paths for us to take. For me, my most recent big multi-path decision was changing careers. The decision to join Eric and become a part of Rock City Fitness - I'll be honest, it wasn't an easy one. Not because it didn't sound great or because I wasn't sure if I could do it, but because it was something new, and would mean leaving a secure job I felt comfortable and secure in. Things like knowing exactly what my income would be paycheck to paycheck, having a set schedule I liked, or even just simply feeling comfortable and competent in my job responsibilities – those were the things I had to decide whether or not they were worth risking for the chance of something better. With Eric’s offer, I knew I’d have the potential for so much more – on a personal level, in the growth & success of my own career, and in being a big part of the growth & success of Eric’s business – all very positive and exciting things. But because opening an actual Rock City Fitness facility and expanding his business was a new venture for Eric as well, that naturally means a lot of trial and error and very few 100% guarantees, a lot of unknown essentially, which we all know can be a very nerve-racking and frightening thing.

Eric was the first to recognize and acknowledge that this would be a little bit of a risk for me, leaving the job I had been in for the past 3 years and putting my trust and essentially career in his hands. But in my eyes, opportunities like the one he presented me with don’t come often. To have all that I’ve accomplished be noticed, and for him to see that kind of potential in me, it was very motivating. It gave me a boost of confidence – I can do this. And really, I need to do this. So after a little bit of thinking, question asking & question answering, I knew what I had to do. When it came down to it, I remembered that almost every reward in life comes with some level of risk, and it was either stay where I was at and have very little room for movement or growth, or take that leap of faith and soar with it.

When it’s time for life to present to us yet another change or challenge, we need to remember a few very important things. Our values, our dreams and aspirations, our personal and professional goals, and ultimately what kind of person we really want to become. Keeping these thoughts at the front of our mind will always help us make the right decision. Because when it comes down to it, as scary and uncertain as it may seem, that bumpy unpaved path is often the one you won’t know you really needed to take until you’re at the end of it and turn around to see how far you’ve actually come. Now that’s true growth and accomplishment.

Rock City Fitness, I’m here, and I’m ready :)


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